How To Improve Your Words Per Minute Speed in Typing?

Improve Words Per Minute Speed
Slow typing is one thing that not only frustrates us but others too when there is one computer and multiple users. Being slow at times not only takes so much time when we are trying to type a long document but it can also become a tedious task and we end up losing all interest in what we are doing and it just becomes a hassle. People who are not good at typing or do not know how to type with a good speed often end up facing embarrassment and other problems in class as well as at jobs because they are unable to keep up with the pace and are left behind.

If you are also the victim of slow typing and have faced embarrassment or problem just because of this, there is no need to worry about it anymore as you can improve your words per minute speed in typing now very conveniently. You can manage to pull your typing speed in just a few weeks or months depending on how hard you work and how passionate you are about it. This article is a guide by dissertation editing services for all those students who face the problem of slow typing and want to increase your typing speed per minute and enjoy success in class. Read on more to know what you need to do to improve your per word writing speed.

Pay Attention To Accuracy:
Start paying attention to accuracy while typing and you will be able to get a command over speed automatically. It is because the speed is affected when we try to write fast but end up making mistakes and have to go back and correct them. This not only wastes a lot of time but also affects our ability to work swiftly. The best thing is to first focus on the accuracy of typing and you will see that the better you write, the quicker you will be able to finish typing a document. When you get confidence and comfortable, it will give you a mental boost and the typing speed will increase as a result.

Learn The Right-Hand Position:
Learning the right placement of hands for typing is very important for increasing the typing speed. It is because your fingers play a key role in pushing the right buttons or the keys and unless you are prepared to write, you will not be able to master this art. Most of the beginners start with a method called ‘hunt and peck’ which is all about scanning the keyboard for correct letters for typing and that too with a single hand. This might work for you in the beginning and while you are learning but as you progress, you must abandon this method and learning the right-hand position to reach multiple keys at once and type fast.

Your thumbs should rest on the space bar; the four fingers on the right should be touching H, J, K, and L keys while the left-hand fingers should be touching the A, S, D, and F keys. The palms of both hands should not move more than one inch when typing and only the fingers should work efficiently. This way you will master the art of typing and improve the speed too.

Practice and Practice:
Practice makes a man perfect; this also holds in this case and the more you type, the better typing speed you can expect. Type this short English phrase, “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” as much as you can without looking at the keyword as once you will memorize the positioning of the keys and learn all the alphabets and their placement, you will be able to type quickly without wasting time or making mistakes.

Online Tests and Resources:
Online tests and resources are the best when it comes to improving your typing speed. These tests and resources provide you practice tests, games, and lessons, and the more you practice with the, better results you can obtain. The Internet has some of the best online test websites and resources that can help to increase your words per minute speed.

Most of the students suffer from slow typing speed due to slow hand movement or due to pain in their shoulders and neck. Make sure that you are in top physical shape or if you suffer from any problem, try to get the best solution by using a comfortable chair or some cushion that helps you get in a comfortable position for writing. Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will be able to work on your typing speed and improve it within no time.

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