How to Get Started with Essay Introduction?

An essay is divided into three main sections. These three sections are introduction, body and conclusion. The most important section of an essay is known as an introduction. Its reason is that in the introductory section of an essay, the students have to describe the purpose and goals of the essay topic. The introductory section of an essay also describes the scope of the document and it also describes a summary of the essay topic. The students face lots of problems to write the introductory section of an essay. If students are not able to write an introductory section of an essay, they can get help from experts of buy dissertation online. Some essential tips to write an introductory section of an essay are given below; 

1) Hook your readers
In the first two or three sentences of an essay introduction, you should try to pull the readers. In order to hook the readers, first of all, you should identify your audience. By reading these two to three sentences, the readers should be fascinated, intrigued and outraged. Secondly, you should try to use some elements of surprise. It is possible only if you add a startling or shocking static at the start of the introduction. Thirdly, you should also try to tug the heartstrings of readers. To offer a relevant example or anecdote is also an essential way to hook the readers. In the first two or three sentences of your essay, you should avoid the use of clich├ęs and generalizations. 

2) Create your context

After presenting hook in two or three sentences of your essay, you should try to relate hook to a larger topic. For this reason, you should provide the necessary background information relevant to your topic idea. There are some key terms in the topic of an essay. You should also try to define these key terms. After that, you should move from general to specific. 

3) Present thesis statement

A thesis statement is known as the main part of your essay’s introduction. At the end of your introductory paragraph, you should present a thesis statement. A thesis statement consists of the main arguments of your essay. You should try to devise such arguments for a thesis statement that can be easily proved with the help of best examples and evidence. After presenting your point of view in the form of a thesis statement, you should tell the audience members how you will prove your point of view. You should finish the introductory paragraph in such a way that it should be easy for you to transit smoothly into the first body paragraph. 

4) Bring it all together

The quality of the introductory paragraph of an essay depends upon your discipline. It means that there is a possibility that an introduction may be suitable in one discipline but it may not be suitable for another discipline. Therefore, you should try to create such content for your essay’s introduction that is interesting and intriguing for audience members. You should try to keep your introductory paragraph short and to the point. It means that it should not exceed from 10% of the whole length of your essay.

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