The SMART Learning Suite: Any Device, Any Approach

The SMART Learning Suite
The new release by the SMART Technologies is for teachers and it can be used on a lot of devices. Not many schools have interactive whiteboards as yet and the schools that do not one an interactive whiteboard on for each class can use any technology available within their class to use this tool. If you have tablets, iPads or smart phones in class, you can easily use this app. It has many resources that can be used by the teachers for teaching in their class. The thing that makes the SMART Learning Suite stand out is that it only needs the device that can be connected with internet and it does not matter whether you use an interactive whiteboard or not, this device can use laptops and tablets and even phones just the same and help you create a one of a kind learning space with the help of new technology. No you do not have to feel left behind or not giving the students it all if you don’t own an interactive whiteboard in the class because with SMART Learning Suit, every device will work just fine. The SMART Learning Suit combines lesson delivery, collaboration, assessments and game based learning all together in one system that is very user friendly and anyone can learn to use it easily.

How Does The SMART Learning Suite Work? Since the SMART Learning Technology work on any device, you are no more restricted to use the SMART Board anymore. SMART boards are a huge investment as schools need many of them and they can use just a few. Every class needs one if there is an interactive whiteboard in the school. Every teacher now has phone and every class has tablets. Every device that can be connected with internet is very easily compatible with the SMART Learning suite and it works the same way on any device. So if a school has not yet invested a fortune in a smart board, the students do not need to be left behind and they can learn without it just the same using the SMART Learning Suite.

The SMART Learning Suit combines all the great tools for effective ad enriching learning experience and it is not something that is very expensive, compared to smart boards, it is only $129 depending on where you are buying it from. However you must know that this told is not a replacement for whiteboards or interactive white boards. It simply means that your students and your class do not to be kept away from technology and left behind with the availability of SMART Learning suite. Schools are shifting to the SMART Learning suite as per directions by PhD dissertation writing services because it is high time technology is incorporated in education to make things convenient and up to date. Getting SMART Learning suite will enhance the learning experience.

The Devices Needed for SMART Learning Suite: SMART Learning Suite does not need specific device as it works the same way on all smart devices that are connected with internet. The SMART Learning Suite is compatible with all smart devices so there is no reason why a classroom should not have something as useful and innovative as this.

The SMART Learning Suite Features Four Products:
SMART Notebook: If you have already used SMART board, you must be very well familiar with this tool. Since now the new upgrade works on mobile phones too, it enables the teachers to monitor progress and operate it directly through phone. The new upgrade enables you to use the tool directly through phone from any corner of the class. This allows mobility, you can conveniently use it through you mobile and you are no more stuck to that one corner of the room. Through the SMART Notebook, teachers can monitor activities and interact from anywhere in class.

SMART Response 2: This second tool of the SMART Learning Suite is a much faster approach to tests and assessments. You can say goodbye to special days of tests and flipping through test or assessment pages, the students no longer have to b all tensed up because there is an assessment coming. This tool enables the teacher to compose a test within a few minutes from the lesson. Under five minutes you can create a test that is based on multiple choice questions, a quiz or a question that requires a short answer. There are several ways you can pick from the given choices that is most suited to the type of your lesson. Then the student can solve the test on their device (which can be any device at all) and the result comes out almost instantly. The result can be exported and shown and discussed. No need to create a hype of the test when you can easily take them on the go.

SMART Lab: Lets’ admit that a teacher is always improvising activities all day long because not everything planned in your daily planner is going to go the way you wanted it to go. So what you need it activities and games. Games are needed to almost immediately engage students and learners and this is what the thing SMART Lab is providing. Now, you can create games under five minutes and choose the games from a wide range of options and themes. You can set a game first and then add your own content in it, the questions and information all that you want in your game or the children to know. Next is to set a theme, there are many themes to choose from and more are expected to be added soon.

SMART AMP: SMART amp provides a space where teachers and students from same or different classes work collaboratively. They can work on same or different projects. The amp is web based so children can continue to work from home. Teachers can monitor and communicate as well as participate when necessary. Teachers can also send messages for instructions if there is a need.

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