How Family Background Affects Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety
Some people think that other people will judge and evaluate them negatively; this fear is known as social anxiety. Social anxiety can become a cause of inadequacy, embarrassment, and inferiority. The nervousness in social situations is a major factor in social anxiety. The major disorders which are relevant to the social anxiety are mood disorders, eating disorders, and autism. Due to social anxiety, people face lots of difficulties to maintain and initiate conversation with other people. The family background can affect social anxiety. Here, experts of masters dissertation writing services will discuss the impacts of family background on social anxiety.
  • In a family, there is a possibility that two or more than two people have different views and beliefs about similar things. When these different views and beliefs of the people clash, there occur some family conflicts. As a result, the family members start to misunderstand each other. This can become a cause of social anxiety and the people think that if they talk with other people, they will discuss their family conflicts.
  • If a person deliberately hurts the other persons, this is known as physical abuse. A person can hurt another person with their hands, feet, and some other objects. When a person belongs to such family whose family members hurt others, he will also face some social anxiety problems. Its reason is that no one will try to keep friendly relations with him.
  • If a person forcefully demands another person to change his behaviour, this is known as emotional abuse. Due to emotional abuse, a person can face a lot of problems like anxiety and depression etc. If a person belongs to such a family whose family members are involved in physical abuse, this can also become a cause of social anxiety for him.
  • In a relationship, if one partner tries to control over the other partner through threats, insults or emotional abuse, this is known as domestic violence. Domestic violence lasts some adverse impacts on the new generation. Due to domestic violence, a new generation can face some social anxiety problems.
  • Nowadays, we can see that the ratio of divorce is increasing day by day. The divorce can last some bad impacts on the social interaction of the children. Due to the divorce of their parents, children feel social anxiety and they don’t try to interact with anyone else. Its reason is that they have a fear that other people will talk about the cause of their parents’ divorce.
  • After the death of their parents, children also face some social anxiety problems. Its reason is that they are unable to explain the cause of their parents’ death to others.
  • If a family member has maternal stress during pregnancy, other family members can also face some social anxiety problems.
  • If a child belongs to poor family background, he also faces some social anxiety problems to interact with the children of rich people. He feels that other children will ignore him due to his poverty.

People can get rid of social anxiety by boosting up their self-esteem and confidence level.

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